Aiut Alpin Dolomites, a volunteering non profit organization for mountain helicopter search and rescue based in 39040 Laion, Pontives, province of Bolzano, Italy, has signed a master insurance certificate with a specific insurance Company.

Subject to the terms below, the insurance is valid for single subscribers for reimbursement of expenses for any and all rescue machinery and the related crew.
The guarantees are valid subject that the search and rescue request has been authorized by the call center of the official emergency services available under phone number 112 untior eventually by official units of the National mountain rescue organization "CNSAS" or "BRD", mountain rescue at AVS Südtirol.

Rescue parties that are included in the guarantee:

Following expenses settled by the subscriber or by his inheritors will be reimbursed:

The subscription is only valid for those individuals who are in possession of the certificate of the subscription and based on the prove of related effected payment to Aiut Alpin Dolomites.
The subscription is valid as of midnight of the day in which the payment has been settled, and valid at any time through December 31, of each year.
The prove of the funds transfer by bank showing full name and address details of the subscriber shall be equivalent to the certificate.
Subscription rate: Euro 40,00 (forty) per single individual, Euro 60,00 /sixty) for the whole family

Amounts covered:

Up to Euro 75.000 for the single subscriber, up to Euro 100.000 for family, adding up as total amount payable during the given year for multiple rescue parties; eventually including the transportation of any dead body to any location defined by the governing authorities. Any further re-routed pre-authorized transportation expenses of any dead body will be limited to Euro 20.000 and limited for a destination located in the Territory(i) as fixed in point b) below; any latter expenses amount are to be included in the total year sum of Euro 75.000 as stated above.

Additional clarification and amendment:

The present English text is simply a courtesy translation of the original Italian insurance conditions fixed between Aiut Alpin Dolomites and the insurance Company.
In case of any disputes, the original Italian certificate wording will prevail.
The guarantees provided herein shall be limited for rescue parties provided solely in the Territory(i) defined as the "provinces of Belluno, Bolzano and Trento" and same these shall be valid for transportation to medical centers located in the Territory(i) only.


Any and all expenses for hospitalization and medical treatment beyond the rescue party and transportation to the medical center as fixed herein; these are NOT included in the present insurance guarantees.
Any expenses for medically suggested transportation back home, as mentioned in the original Italian insurance conditions, these are applicable for residents in the Territory(i) only; any such pre-authorized transportation is limited solely for final destination in the Territory(i).

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